Will Sweeney and PFFR — October 13

Will Sweeney

29 liners I Daily Dose I Car-toons I Daily Dueces

Synchronicity Space presents Explorers Club, the second solo show in Los Angeles from artist Will Sweeney. The opening reception will be held October 13th from 7 to 10pm with the artist in attendance.  The exhibition will remain on view through November 10.

Explorers Club brings together documentation of recent excursions to inner and outer space by Will (previously unseen in the US) original comic art, character designs, and two recent large scale pencil drawings inspired by Bosch, Breughel, 2000AD comic and Michael Moorcock.
The show will also be the official launch of the Captain Mindseye zine, co-published by Will’s label, Alakazam and Swiss Imprint, Nieves. It’s a 24 page collection of images detailing the adventures of Captain Mindseye, secret agent of the subconscious. The Captain Mindseye box set of six silkscreen prints will also be available in limited numbers.

Will Sweeney is a London-based Illustrator and graphic artist specializing in comics, clothing graphics, animated videos and music packaging. Will has collaborated with a variety of labels/bands/TV shows & publications including: Silas, Stussy, Undercover, Amos Toys, Wonder Showzen, Yo Gabba Gabba, Nieves Books, Beck, Architecture In Helsinki, Birdy Nam Nam and The Wire magazine. He also is known for his comic series ‘Tales From Greenfuzz’ and the accompanying vinyl toys, and also for Alakazam – his t-shirt and print label. Will has exhibited his work in galleries around the world. In 2010 ‘The Parachute Ending’ music video for Birdy Nam Nam by Will Sweeney & Steve Scott was selected as one of 25 finalists for the YouTube play exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

PFFR has created a New Yorker style cartoon for the newspaper that is Synchronicity Space’s exterior wall.  29 liners I Daily Dose I Car-toons I Daily Dueces will coincide with EXPLORERS CLUB.  The caption will change daily, giving insight, learning, and butt humor to our wretch-filled lives.  Remember looking over your father’s shoulder, as he laughed at Andy Capp?  Well, we hate your father.

PFFR is the collective corpse behind such bodular treasures as the televisual Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel, and The Heart, She Holler.  This suck-sess is on the shoulders of previous victuals –  PFFR has dabbled in other food court options like music (United We Doth on Birdman Records) and the other thing people call “art” (LFL Gallery in NYC, Synchronicity Space in Los Angeles, and then sum).

Synchronicity is an art gallery, but in practice it is so much more. Located in East Hollywood in Los Angeles, its doors are open to a community of contemporary thinkers whose goal is to make thoughtful and intelligent work without limiting themselves to a specific medium.
Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 7pm.
For more information please contact the gallery at 818-863-6528 or info@syncspacela.com.



Comedynoise 3 – Saturday September 15

IN RUBBING MEMORY – Hazel Hill McCarthy III – September 8

Synchronicity Space is pleased to announce In Rubbing Memory, a solo exhibition from Los Angeles based artist, Hazel Hill McCarthy III.  An opening reception will be held Saturday, September 8th, 7 – 10pm.  The exhibition is on view through October 6th.In Rubbing Memory is a series of wax on paper rubbings, videos and found items. It explores ideas of memorial, death, dying and remembrance – our conduct, social interactions and the choices made with regard to the deceased and the still living; the location, ideology and methodology we enact as pointers to our commonality in death’s inexorable control over every living thing. Channelling these themes into a single building, Hill McCarthy III treats the gallery space as an object, much the same as a mausoleum, complete with a relief made by the artist that is placed on the outside of the gallery allowing anyone to create their own rubbing.  The participatory element within the exhibition remains fundamental in showing how others come together in remembrance.  The artist invites attendees to participate in this exhibition by bringing an object to reside within the space which will accumulate and create a collection of memories.

Hazel Hill McCarthy III is a Los Angeles based artist, curator and co-director of the art collective Show Cave. Her work ranges from video explorations of broken men and broken dreams to an ongoing collection of discarded/lost baby shoes. Her intimate knowledge of typography, exemplified with her collaboration and design of Genesis Breyer P. Orridge’s Psychick Bible, is the basis of her current show In Rubbing Memory.

In Rubbing Memory will also host various events throughout the exhibition such as a walk through the LA Pet Cemetery, performances, video screening, and more TBA.


9.13 LifeStories – Memorial Videos from Hollywood Forever 7pm
9.15 LA Pet Cemetery Tour 1pm
9.20 Animal Charm “Pure Vault: Living Room Tapes” 7pm
9.22 Forest Lawn Cemetery, Baby Land & Museum Tour 1pm
10.4 An Evening With Astral Eyes 7pm

Sarah Sitkin is a Los Angeles based artist who’s body of work focuses on the gritty and seductive nature of found and created objects to tell unworldly tales.

Ongoing throughout the show, Sitkin will provide elaborate floral arrangements as part installation and part commemoration of the event. www.sarahsitkin.com

Douglas J. McCarthy (b. 1966 London, England) has been making cutting edge electronic music since 1982. He co-founded the band Nitzer Ebb whilst still at high school, and at the age of 19 signed to the legendary Mute and Geffen Records, a mere 2 years after self-releasing 3 instant club classics, producing an album that Techno maestro, Richie Hawtin, sites as the reason he started making music. For the past 10 years he has collaborated with French musician and producer, Terence Fixmer, as the duo Fixmer/McCarthy. He is currently amassing a sizable bevy of new material for his first solo project to be released in the fall.

On Saturday, October 6th, Douglas J. McCarthy will perform at the closing reception new work from his debut solo project, Kill Your Friends. www.douglasjmccarthy.com

Hollywood Forever – LifeStories are made by families working with our specially trained Biographers. They may include photos, spoken descriptions, text, video clips, old film reels, awards, or other memoribilia. These items are captured digitally and preserved as a permanent part of the LifeStory Archive.

Families from all over the world have created LifeStories. Some are simple, including only a few photos or text. Others are vast family archives containing hundreds of photos, video and audio clips.

On Thursday, September 13th at 7pm, Hazel Hill McCarthy III will present a selection of these LifeStories videos and explore the new types of media infiltrating our ways of commemoration. www.hollywoodforever.com/stories

LA Pet Cemetery erected in 1928 and is one of the oldest facilities of its kind on the West Coast. With its onsite Crematorium, Mausoleum, LA Pet Cemetery is the final resting place for many celebrity pets including
Hopalong Cassidy’s horse, “Topper,” Rudolph Valentino’s dog “Kabar,” and the Little Rascals’ lovable “Pete.”

On Saturday, September 15th at 1pm a tour will be given of the grounds with a brief history. LA Pet Cemetery is located at 5068 N. Old Scandia Lane, Calabasas, CA 91372. www.lapetcemetery.com

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Babyland & Museum, Glendale
Forest Lawn erected in 1906 in the heart of Glendale and is home to Babyland, a heart-shaped  are within the grounds that is dedicated to the interment of infants and young children. The Forest Lawn Museum was founded in 1957 and has hosted solo exhibitions for Henri Matisse, Winslow Homer, Ian Hornak, Goya, Rembrandt, Marc Davis and Reuben Nakian among many others. The permanent collection also includes one of the largest stained glass collections in North America with over 1000 pieces primarily from France and Germany dating from 1200 a.d. through present and includes portions of William Randolf Hearst‘s former collection and the work of Albrecht Dürer and Viet Hirsvogel the Elder.

On Saturday, September 22nd at 1pm, a tour will be held at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Babyland and Museum. The location is 1712 South Glendale Avenue, Glendale, CA 91205. www.forestlawn.com

Animal Charm is a collaboration between Richard Bott (b. 1972 Louisville, Kentucky) and Jim Fetterley (b. 1971 Rockford, Illinois). Inspired by the early media collages of Bruce Conner and Craig Baldwin, Animal Charm began using found VHS tapes to make video collages in 1995. With the advent of YouTube a decade away, the artists culled bins of dead and devalued media, including industrial and promotional videos, bargain vinyl LPs, and consumer-grade electronics. They then combined disparate footage, using early nonlinear video-editing software, to create unsettling and humorous works. The duo compose unexpected juxtapositions in an attempt to subvert the original intentions of the found videos and to expose their absurdity while eliciting new meanings from the detritus of culture.

On Thursday, September 20th at 7pm Animal Charm will present an evening of uninterrupted live editing of various found VHS tapes from their never-before seen “vault”. www.animalcharm.com

Astral Eyes is a Los Angeles based “Psychadelic icon maker” (LA WEEKLY) who creates digital sigils and online pujas laced with spandex thoughts.

On Thursday, October 4th at 7pm Astral Eyes will  seance an audience with a visual presentation of all things mortal and immortal. www.immortalmortal.com

For more information please contact us at info@syncspacela.com or 818-863-6528.



Date: Friday, August 17
Place: Synchronicity

Reception: Friday, August 17  7 P.M.
—————————————————– +

curated by Mike Kelley

Krotona was founded in 1911 by the Theosophical Society as a Utopian community of universal inquiry. The original site in what is now the Hollywood Hills harbored a compound of eclectic architecture and acted as a refuge for unconventional religious, philosophical and creative culture in Southern California.

This largely forgotten experiment is but one of several in California that reflects the region as a haven for visionary culture that persists to this day. Shangri-LA investigates this legacy, the amnesia of progress and current notions of Utopia. The exhibition combines installation, art, presentations and sound by a current generation who thrive in the shadow of the pioneers of independent thought. Shangri-LA is on display from August 17 through September 1.
—————————————————– +

The following Friday, August 24, 7 -10pm

As part of the Shangri-LA exhibition Synchronicity presents a night of presentations, readings and musings by:

Jodi Wille

Maja D’Aoust

Paul Koudounaris

Ron Regé

In a collaborative experiment in synergy the presenters relate their areas of expertise to include notions of Utopia.

Deathbomb Arc Pop-Up Store & Haunted Maze – August 25

Deathbomb Arc Pop-Up Store & Haunted Maze

presented by Synchronicity Space


starting at noon at the Echoplex

“As a part of the PressNPlay fest happening at the Echoplex during Echo Park Rising, Deathbomb Arc is working with local artist Albert Reyes to build a haunted maze & pop up store. Located in the well air-conditioned lower level of the Echo (aka the Echoplex) this maze will also be your first chance to see a trailer for the documentary Deathbomb Arc is making about Albert Reyes.

Albert Reyes is an artist living in El Sereno, CA. In his backyard he has made a giant haunted house/maze inspired by burned out buildings. Occasionally he will build smaller mazes in gallery settings, but it is his ever changing backyard maze that really impressed me, leading to the creation of a film about it. The maze Albert is making at the Echoplex will be constructed out of materials stripped from his backyard haunted house. It will also contain a pop up store inside where you can buy works by Albert and vinyl selections from the Deathbomb catalogue. We will also be looping the trailer to the documentary.

The event is free, well air-conditioned and begins at noon. We hope to see you there!!!” – Brian Miller / Deathbomb Arc

Facebook rsvp: https://www.facebook.com/events/253984234704064/



Weaving by Jordan Fu

3rd Annual Kate Bush Fest
August 10th, 2012

Please join us at Synchronicity Space on August 10th for to celebrate our favorite British pop polymath, Kate Bush. The night will consist of live Kate Bush covers by Christina Gubala, Bombay Taxi Music, Apryl Electra, Lee Noble, and more.  Also, a lecture from Mya Stark, rare video screenings, as well as Kate Bush on display in the gallery: featuring portraits from Jordan Fu and Ava Alamshah. We will also be hosting a Kate Bush portrait drawing jam from 5-7pm.  The festivities will start at 7:30pm.

This festival celebrating the artist, Kate Bush, came about four years ago at the original Synchronicity location, 4306 Melrose.  What initially started out as a screening of some rare videos turned into an art exhibition, night full of cover songs performed by LA musicians, and a love letter installation.  The festivities continued on the next year with a Kate Bush Dance party, performances, and a window mural on the facade of our building.  This August, Synchronicity will continue on with our mission to celebrate this amazing woman.

Each time we have hosted Kate Bush Fest we have been overcome with the enthusiastic responses we’ve gotten.  Most people don’t go around boasting of their love of Kate Bush, though we wish people did, so we could have more people involved!  So not everyone is a closet fan but unless Kate Bush is brought up no one is going to step forward and say how she is an amazing singer, dancer, songwriter, and all around lovely human being.  We take this opportunity to open our space to say just that.


FREAK OUT Video Screening July 27th!


video art, innovative cinema. fingers in a digital stream (and a film). the densely chaotic rhythms of internal spaces.

Shana Moulton
James T. Hong & Yin-Ju Chen
Bryan Boyce
Dale Hoyt
Monet Clark
Linda Scobie
Tucker Bennett, Taeer Maymon & Zach Shipko
Erik Wilson
Shalo P
Dean Snider

organized by
Shalo P & Keenan Marshall Keller
on the occasion of
presented by
Drippy Bone Books

JULY 27th 8:15PM screening
713 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles, CA 90029

FREAK SCENE • July 6 – August 4 • Exhibition Images

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FREAK SCENE Zine & Comix Swap Meet – JULY 21

Freak Scene Zine & Comix Swap Meet
Saturday July 21st
3pm till 8pm-ish

A collection of the finest Los Angeles “FREAK” zine creators and publishers gathered to display their creations of mad zine love.
Zines, comix, art prints, tees and music & more!!!

Sparkplug Comic Books
I Will Destroy You
Drippy Bone Books
Never Press
Zebratron Press
Jed McGowan
Eyeball Burp
+ MORE!!!!!!

DJ Ton Cunt + TBA?

Drippy Bone Books presents FREAK SCENE – July 6

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Beautiful/Decay Posts about Aaron Noble’s Mojado Mural and Exhibition

Our good friends at Beautiful/Decay posted about Aaron Noble’s upcoming mural unveiling and exhibition. Click the image for the whole article and more images!



Aaron Noble Brings World Class Mural to Hel-Mel

Opening reception for Aaron Noble mural “MOJADO” sponsored by Beautiful/Decay Magazine  featuring a set by DJ BlackRainbow PLUS a three day exhibition of Noble’s gallery work, including a study for the mural.

Synchronicity Space Los Angeles
713 N. Heliotrope  90029

Thursday May 24th from 6-10pm featuring a set by DJ BlackRainbow
Exhibition hours (Three Days Only!): 1pm to 7pm Thurs-Sat, May 24-26

The hip little district around the intersection of Melrose and Heliotrope in East Hollywood (known locally as Hel-Mel) is home to a healthy sampling of street art along with its funky mix of shops and bicycle culture. A new wall painting, now in its final stages, is upping the ante for painterly ambition in the neighborhood, but you won’t see it unless you know where to look. The 30’ x 40’ work is being executed on the back wall of Eric Berg’s Early American Antiques at 4302 Melrose Ave in a parking lot accessed from Heliotrope. To find it walk through the alley between The Faculty sports bar and Synchronicity Gallery.

Titled “Mojado” (the Wet One), the piece is the first major outdoor wall to be painted in Los Angeles by Aaron Noble, a semi-legendary product of San Francisco’s Mission District mural scene. Noble moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago, but has produced mostly studio work and indoor wall paintings locally, while doing outdoor murals in locations as far-flung as China, London and Indonesia.

Noble was a founding director of the seminal Clarion Alley Mural Project (his memoir of the project is included in the book Street Art San Francisco, Mission Muralismo, published 2009 by Harry N. Abrams). His work, which combines influences from graffiti and traditional muralism, was introduced to Angelenos in 2002 with an acclaimed group of five wall paintings in the lobby of the UCLA Hammer Museum, followed by gallery shows at Blum & Poe and Track 16 among others. His work and resume can be seen online at www.aaronnoble.net.

As is normal for Noble’s work, the mural is a highly energized semi-abstraction welded together from familiar-seeming comic book parts. As Noble explains,

“The title, Mojado, has a double reference. First the work is literally painted ‘wet’, with color and texture created partly through long drips of color poured down the wall, and secondly the title alludes to the theme of border crossing (‘mojado’ is the more polite Spanish translation of the English slur ‘wetback’). Since the piece is on the back wall of Eric Berg’s Early California Antiques I thought it should have an aged patina, like the stuff he sells. I also wanted to pay tribute, in my science-fictional way, to REALLY early California, pre-Colombian California, so I’ve embedded a design based on the Nahuatl pictographs for ‘River’, ‘Motion’, and ‘Drum’.  It looks like a pattern etched onto an alien spacecraft. One way to read the work is to imagine that it depicts an entity that is somehow crossing into our dimension from the past and the future simultaneously.”

More photos available.


Telephone Blue Images

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Telephone Blue – April 20


“It’s gonna be like music”. Synchronicity is pleased to announce LA INTERNET, on the website, www.syncspacela.com.  Ideas need space to reveal their mystery. Through space, a loose process that is somewhat familiar defines itself in the ongoing,an outsider comes in, and an insider interjects with the most unexpected and appreciated thread derailments. It’s improvisational creative communication, ever moving to a conclusion existing in a fold within a website. A DARK CORNER OF THE NET.


This exhibition will exist as an extension, literally and figuratively speaking. Physical work existing in a digital world that happens to be an extension of our physical world. For their exhibition, Telephone Blue, taking place at Synchronicity 713 Heliotrope on April 20 – May 19, Aaron Anderson, Eric Carlson and Crystal Quinn (founding members of the artist collective Hardland/Heartland) continue their formal practice of intuitive collaboration to produce narratives of playful allegories and coded symbols that materialize as drawing, video, and sculpture. We have asked these artists to contribute work to a space within the Synchronicity website. For the exhibited work within our website space, we are thrilled to have join them the amazingly prolific LA-based artist, Spencer Longo.

Please join us again and again and again and again at www.syncspacela.com and we also request your presence at Synchronicity 713 Heliotrope, LA, CA 90029 on April 20th for the opening reception of Telephone Blue.

Follow http://www.syncspacela.com/ and http://hardlandheartland.com/ for evolving updates regarding this exhibition.

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LYNDSEY LESH: The Art of the Rattling Wall – April 14

Please join PEN Center USA, Narrow Books, and The Rattling Wall for a fabulous, one night event:

featuring the art pieces from the journal’s second issue.

Synchronicity Space || 7-10 PM

New art by Lyndsey Lesh. Readings. Book signing. Strawberry Chardonnay Ice Cream from SCOOPS!