Synchronicity Space and Juliacks Present: Invisible Sunglasses – August 20th, 7pm

Synchronicity Space and Juliacks Present: Invisible Sunglasses

A screening and performance night featuring:
Priit & Olga Pärn of Estonia
Rémi of Le Dernier Cri
Discombobulated Ventriloquist of LA (a.k.a Ron Rege Jr.,)
Guy Maddin of Winnipeg
Jesse Hulcher of unknown origin
Ben Bigelow of LA
Tamara Henderson of Canada/Europe
Atley Loughridge of NYC
DJ Jann of LA
and the film and comic book, Invisible Forces of Finland directed by Juliacks.
This ‘Invisible Tour’ has stopped in Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Rome, and New York.

Näkymättömiä Voimia :: Invisible Forces is a Finnish+American short narrative art film. As the story goes, Rody Plane is a young woman who has been pushed around by her caustic environment. She deals with this by retreating into a dissociative inner fugue, letting the invisible forces take control. Ultimately, Rody must take action. Will she be subsumed by the insanity within and without? The film stars Tero Jartti, Jone Takamäki, and Emilia Lagk (Dinosauruxia.)

Juliacks wrote, directed and produced the film, Invisible Forces and is distributing it now through a DIY tour that has gone from crafted installations, to grand old cinemas, to new art spaces, comics festivals, galleries and hopefully a sea of ice in the future.
For each place, Juliacks has curated a different screening that is specific to the place. LA-hooray!

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