NATURAL – Opening June 8

Maxfield Hegedus (b. 1986, Los Angeles, California) received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His most recent exhibition was part of a group show at ACRE Projects in Chicago. In 2012, he attended WVR, a week-long, on-site residency program for international artists in Wonder Valley Desert, California.
Nicholas Malkin (b. 1985, Princeton, New Jersey) is a Los Angeles-based musician. He briefly studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City before relocating to the west coast. He has performed internationally with several projects of varying merit.
Maxfield Hegedus and Nicholas Malkin met in 2010. Prior and ongoing collaborations include The Black Boys, a musical project and Field Recordings of the Afterhours, a weekly broadcast on KCHUNG Radio 1630AM. Natural, a meditation on the concept of division, is their first exhibition of collaborative visual work.
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