29 liners | Daily Dose | Car-toons | Daily Deuces – October 13 – November 10

PFFR has created a New Yorker style cartoon for the newspaper that is Synchronicity Space’s exterior wall.  29 liners I Daily Dose I Car-toons I Daily Deuces will coincide with EXPLORERS CLUB.  The caption will change daily, giving insight, learning, and butt humor to our wretch-filled lives.  Remember looking over your father’s shoulder, as he laughed at Andy Capp?  Well, we hate your father.

PFFR is the collective corpse behind such bodular treasures as the televisual Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel, and The Heart, She Holler.  This suck-sess is on the shoulders of previous victuals –  PFFR has dabbled in other food court options like music (United We Doth on Birdman Records) and the other thing people call “art” (LFL Gallery in NYC, Synchronicity Space in Los Angeles, and then sum).

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