Date: Friday, August 17
Place: Synchronicity

Reception: Friday, August 17  7 P.M.
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curated by Mike Kelley

Krotona was founded in 1911 by the Theosophical Society as a Utopian community of universal inquiry. The original site in what is now the Hollywood Hills harbored a compound of eclectic architecture and acted as a refuge for unconventional religious, philosophical and creative culture in Southern California.

This largely forgotten experiment is but one of several in California that reflects the region as a haven for visionary culture that persists to this day. Shangri-LA investigates this legacy, the amnesia of progress and current notions of Utopia. The exhibition combines installation, art, presentations and sound by a current generation who thrive in the shadow of the pioneers of independent thought. Shangri-LA is on display from August 17 through September 1.
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The following Friday, August 24, 7 -10pm

As part of the Shangri-LA exhibition Synchronicity presents a night of presentations, readings and musings by:

Jodi Wille

Maja D’Aoust

Paul Koudounaris

Ron Regé

In a collaborative experiment in synergy the presenters relate their areas of expertise to include notions of Utopia.

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