Drippy Bone Books presents FREAK SCENE – July 6

the new freak champions of Underground Comix

featuring art works & comix by:

Johnny Ryan
(Prison PIt / Angry Youth Comix / VICE)

Josh Bayer
(Raw Power / ROM / Suspect Device 1&2/)

Benjamin Marra
(Gangsta Rap Posse/Night Business/Traditional Comics)

Tom Neely
(i will destroy you/The Wolf/Henry & Glen Forever/ Popeye)

Jason T. Miles
(Kramer Ergot 6 & 8/ Pines / Dead Ringer/ No Me)

Victor “BALD EAGLES” Cayro
(Kramers Ergot 6 / House of 12 / Rub The Blood)

Pat Aulisio
(Bowman/Math Fiction/Yeah Dude Comics/F’real Real)

Jim Rugg
(Afrodisiac / Rambo 3.5 / Street Angel)

Derek M Ballard
(Root Rot / CARTOONSHOW #1 / The Drama / Faesthetic)

Zach Hazard Vaupen
(Hatred for the Human Host/Pixel Dogs Soft Bark)

Shalo P
(Cosmic Bummer Funnies/Line Land/Death Trip)

Peter Gray Hurley
(Happy / Death Trip / Line land)

Jason Karns
(FUKITOR / Satanic Terror)

Heather Benjamin
(Sad Sex / Rub The Blood)

Keenan Marshall Keller
(Drippy Bone Books / Galactic Breakdown)

The month long art show at Synchronicity in Los Angeles starting off with 2 days of comix events!

Friday July 6th:
is opening nite of the exhibition in which over 50 pieces of work will be shown as well as current comix from every artist involved, available as part of the show!
+ FREAK ZINE (a limited edition zine of work from the show!) will be available!

Saturday July 7th:
Freak Scene Comix Reading and Book Signing Spectacular!
featuring live performances by:
Tom Neely, Josh Bayer, Pat Aulisio, Victor “Bald Eagles” Cayro, Keenan Marshall Keller, Shalo P and more! These artists will also be available to sign their comix afterward!

July 6th & 7th!!!
713 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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