Aaron Noble Brings World Class Mural to Hel-Mel

Opening reception for Aaron Noble mural “MOJADO” sponsored by Beautiful/Decay Magazine  featuring a set by DJ BlackRainbow PLUS a three day exhibition of Noble’s gallery work, including a study for the mural.

Synchronicity Space Los Angeles
713 N. Heliotrope  90029

Thursday May 24th from 6-10pm featuring a set by DJ BlackRainbow
Exhibition hours (Three Days Only!): 1pm to 7pm Thurs-Sat, May 24-26

The hip little district around the intersection of Melrose and Heliotrope in East Hollywood (known locally as Hel-Mel) is home to a healthy sampling of street art along with its funky mix of shops and bicycle culture. A new wall painting, now in its final stages, is upping the ante for painterly ambition in the neighborhood, but you won’t see it unless you know where to look. The 30’ x 40’ work is being executed on the back wall of Eric Berg’s Early American Antiques at 4302 Melrose Ave in a parking lot accessed from Heliotrope. To find it walk through the alley between The Faculty sports bar and Synchronicity Gallery.

Titled “Mojado” (the Wet One), the piece is the first major outdoor wall to be painted in Los Angeles by Aaron Noble, a semi-legendary product of San Francisco’s Mission District mural scene. Noble moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago, but has produced mostly studio work and indoor wall paintings locally, while doing outdoor murals in locations as far-flung as China, London and Indonesia.

Noble was a founding director of the seminal Clarion Alley Mural Project (his memoir of the project is included in the book Street Art San Francisco, Mission Muralismo, published 2009 by Harry N. Abrams). His work, which combines influences from graffiti and traditional muralism, was introduced to Angelenos in 2002 with an acclaimed group of five wall paintings in the lobby of the UCLA Hammer Museum, followed by gallery shows at Blum & Poe and Track 16 among others. His work and resume can be seen online at www.aaronnoble.net.

As is normal for Noble’s work, the mural is a highly energized semi-abstraction welded together from familiar-seeming comic book parts. As Noble explains,

“The title, Mojado, has a double reference. First the work is literally painted ‘wet’, with color and texture created partly through long drips of color poured down the wall, and secondly the title alludes to the theme of border crossing (‘mojado’ is the more polite Spanish translation of the English slur ‘wetback’). Since the piece is on the back wall of Eric Berg’s Early California Antiques I thought it should have an aged patina, like the stuff he sells. I also wanted to pay tribute, in my science-fictional way, to REALLY early California, pre-Colombian California, so I’ve embedded a design based on the Nahuatl pictographs for ‘River’, ‘Motion’, and ‘Drum’.  It looks like a pattern etched onto an alien spacecraft. One way to read the work is to imagine that it depicts an entity that is somehow crossing into our dimension from the past and the future simultaneously.”

More photos available.


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