Sync Speaks
A Lecture Series with Christina Gubala, George Jensen, Amanda Brown, Britt Brown, Trinie Dalton, Jodi Wille, Megan Whitmarsh, Graham Kolbeins, Amir Fallah, Rebekah Weikel, Justin McInteer, Luke Fischbeck, Sara Rara, and Lauren Mackler
July 2 – 30, 2011


Synchronicity is pleased to announce its return in a brand new location, still in the same great neighborhood in which it resided for two fantastic years.  Polymathic Persons, our inaugural show in 2008, was reflective of the model for the gallery being a space that welcomed interdisciplinary practices.  In that exhibition, the artists’ practices were not limited only to art but also music and video.  For the first exhibition at the new location on Heliotrope, that idea will be expanded upon.During the first two years, it was a goal to be more receptive to a broader spectrum of artists, not limiting the label of an artist to what you would typically think of when viewing work in a gallery.  We would like to open our doors for a community of contemporary thinkers whose goal is to make thoughtful, intelligent, and sometimes humorous work never limiting themselves to a specific medium.

From July 2 to July 30, Synchronicity will be hosting an exhibition and lecture series featuring artists that work within the realms of visual, literary, and musical arts.  Within each event, lecturers will be grouped within a specific category pertaining to their craft.  The lectures will take place throughout the month of July and early August.  Expect these lectures to be performative, informational, inspirational, motivational, or whatever the lecturer decides.  Each event will be followed by a brief Q+A for those who would like to continue the discussion.

The gallery space will consist of an installation from the contributions of our lecturers.  Art and objects from the artists will shape the environment in which the lectures will take place.  The result of this installation will be an artful yet comfortable atmosphere well suited for the audience as well as the speakers.

Synchronicity is located at 713 N. Heliotrope Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90029.

Opening Reception – July 2nd, 7 – 11pm

Join us for the grand opening of our new space and the lecture series exhibition, SYNC SPEAKS.


Saturday, July 9 at 7pm

Christina Gubala and George Jensen

“Cassette Club: Who, How, and Why”

Christina Gubala and George Jensen run the cassette label Complicated Dance Steps. After working in various corners of the music industry, they decided to combine their experience and resources to start releasing albums from their Los Feliz abode in October 2010. Since founding the label, they have released nine albums and have three more projects slated for Summer 2011. In addition to label work, George mans the counter at Vacation Vinyl in Silver Lake, while Christina serves as the house DJ at Cana Rum Bar in Downtown LA.

Amanda Brown and Britt Brown

Britt and Amanda Brown co-founded Not Not Fun Records in 2004, which to
date has released just under 250 LPs, cassettes, CDs, and other junk. Some
of their musical projects are things you’ve heard of (Pocahaunted,
Robedoor, LA Vampires) and some are things you haven’t (Weirdo/Begeirdo,
Topaz Rags, Barrabarracuda, Knit Witch). But their art extends far beyond
the audible realm. Amanda makes raw food gems with funny/punny names and
writes novels and artsy-smartsy screenplays. And Britt paints ninjas and
doodles comics, as well as describing music for the interweb and beyond.


Thursday, July 14 at 7pm

Trinie Dalton

Trinie will read from the Sad Drag Monologues, a risograph print edition she made for the Synchronicity Space exhibition, co-published by Synchronicity Space and Picturebox. The limited-run booklet will be available for sale at the event.

Trinie Dalton’s fiction books include Wide Eyed (Akashic) and Sweet Tomb (Madras Press). Her curated art anthologies are Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is (McSweeney’s: co-edited with Eli Horowitz and Lisa Wagner), and Mythtym (Picturebox). Baby Geisha, a new story collection, is forthcoming from Two Dollar Radio. She curates exhibitions as well as shows her own printed matter, often lecturing and workshopping in connection with the gallery events, most recently at CANADA Gallery, Deitch (for Gelatin’s PIG Workshop Series), and Las Cienegas Projects. Her next gallery event will be at Soloway Projects in Brooklyn, Fall 2011. Visit for upcoming news about her critical writing, journalism and exhibitions.

Jodi Wille

Jodi will show images from artists and documentarians she’s worked with, from Gary Lee Boas (“Starstruck”), Isis Aquarian (“The Source”), and Leon Kagarise (“Pure Country”) to Miss Velma of the Universal World Church; and discuss the nature and process of those collaborations. Isis Aquarian of The Source Family will be present for the discussion. Selected books will be for sale at the event.

Jodi Wille is a book editor, filmmaker, writer, and curator known to collaborate with self-taught artists and individuals who have amassed personal archives of American subcultures. In 2005, Wille cofounded Process Media, publishing non-fiction books that explore subcultures of the 60s and 70s, mysticism, and groundbreaking musicians such as Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, John Sinclair and MC5, Father Yod and Ya Ho Wa 13, and Moondog. She has co-curated exhibitions for Deitch Projects (“Starstruck”) and BH Gallery at Powell’s in Portland (“The Source,” “Pure Country.”). She is currently co-directing a feature length documentary on The Source Family.

Megan Whitmarsh

Artist, Megan Whitmarsh, will have an informal conversation with viewers about: developing a practice, generating income, & the implications of being a mother and focused artist. There will be some participatory elements & creating of objects.

Los Angeles based artist Megan Whitmarsh grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, and, like many of her generation, uses the visual noise of her youth as inspiration. She works in a variety of low-tech media including drawing, comics, stop-action animation, hand-embroidery and soft sculpture and strives to synthesize an optimistic vision of the future with the detritus of modern life.

She has shown in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Iceland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, Italy & Spain.


Friday, July 15 at 7pm

Graham Kolbeins

“You Year”

“You Year” is a lecture as a series of actions for and with an audience that documents The Year of You, a Lacanian JPEG stage which Graham began to live on May 2nd, 2011—the date Graham absconded the Internet (Day Zero in the Year of You calendar).

Discussion and demonstration will intertwine as Graham examines the methods by which he attempts to compose a utopian artistic, sexual and personal identity. He will collaborate with L.A. artists, dancers, his boyfriend, and volunteers to weight train, graffiti, wax nostalgic with LiveJournal, and learn to blow bubblegum, among other self-actualizing actions.

All actions will be on an tight schedule measured with egg timers and tinged with an exhilarating, fumbling anxiety. Music for the evening will include selections from the catalogues of Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears.


Saturday, July 23 at 7pm

A Panel Discussion with Amir, Rebekah, and Justin whose ties involve promoting artists, running art-related businesses, and hosting special events around Los Angeles.

Amir Fallah

Amir H. Fallah’s signature aesthetic and creative intuition manifests itself in a broad cross-section of projects. He is the publisher of Beautiful/Decay, an internationally distributed contemporary arts magazine. In less than ten years, Fallah has transformed Beautiful/Decay into a first-exposure sourcebook that reveals innovative talents from the creative world.

Fallah’s insider’s perspective into trends from the creative community comes directly from his experience within the art world as a practicing artist. Fallah has exhibited his work on both a national and international level, including exhibitions at Cherry And Martin, 31 Grand, Overtones, The Third Line, Weatherspoon Art Museum, The Sharjah Biennial, Nathan Larramendy Gallery, Mary Goldman Gallery, Rhys gallery, and at LA Louver Gallery.

Fallah has also leveraged this direct connection with the art world and his recognizable aesthetic to launch Something In The Universe, a creative think tank/design agency that opens the doors to Fallah’s network of creatives, strategists and consultants.

He has given talks at a range of respected institutions, including Columbia College, USC, UCLA, Cleveland Institute of Art, California State University Northridge and Maryland Institute College of Art. He has also participated in a number of creative panels and conferences, including “UNBOUND: How L.A.’s Art Magazines are Changing the Face of Popular Culture” and the Congreso Creactivo design conference in Mexico.

Justin McInteer

Justin McInteer spent a lot of time in Wichita, Kansas before escaping to art school.  After receiving his Masters in Fine Art from Goldsmith College in London, he moved back to the US and began bouncing around from city to city until finally finding a place to call home in LA.  Justin is a prolific visual and sound artist, urban gardener, and founder of Echo Curio, an egalitarian creative space that spent four happy years in Echo Park.

Rebekah Weikel

Rebekah Weikel is a Los Angeles based publisher and project curator. In 2006, she founded Penny-Ante Editions – an independently run art-based project company specializing in print editions. Collecting written and visual works from such artists as Thurston Moore, Terence Koh and Bill Callahan, Penny-Ante has produced a collection of three high quality print journals: Book #1, Book #2, & Three. Penny-Ante is currently working towards releasing material in new formats, which will see release in fall 2011.


Saturday, July 30 at 7pm

Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara

Slide Lecture by Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck, founders of the collaborative projects Lucky Dragons and Sumi Ink Club.

lucky dragons” means any recorded or performed or installed or packaged or shared or suggested or imagined pieces made by Luke Fischbeck, Sarah Rara, and/or any sometimes collaborators who claim the name.

lucky dragons are about the birthing of new and temporary creatures–equal-power situations in which audience members cooperate amongst themselves, building up fragile networks held together by such light things as skin contact, unfamiliar language, temporary logic, the spirit of celebration, and things that work but you don’t know why. There have been hundreds of these simple yet shifting and unpredictable instances–with audiences ranging from the intense intimacy of one person to the public spectacle of thousands of people. At the heart of it all is playing together–building up social collectivities, re-engaging the wonder and impossibility of technological presence. It sounds–and looks–like simple and ancient patterns coming together and falling apart in a sincere attempt to let wires and screens and words become clear and crystal.

Lauren Mackler

Lauren Mackler will discuss good ideas, bad ideas, and something about the thin line between a genius and a lunatic.

Lauren Mackler is a graphic designer, artist and curator whose practice includes making print and video ephemera or constructing topical exhibitions.

In 2010 she started Public Fiction, a small and shape-shifting museum in which the shows combine made & found things creating slightly unusual environments to frame art, artifact and facsimile. in 2011 she is launching a quarterly journal of the same name and with the same idea. Each issue of the publication mirrors the topics of the space.

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