Musical Interpretation of Justin McInteer’s Chance Mural

The following tracks are audio interpretations of the Chance Mural from Justin McInteer and Brian Dinkin’s exhibition, The Outer Workings of Inter Space.

From Justin McInteer:

I mapped out all 720 color squares and then assigned a musical note to each color as follows:

Red=C, Red-Orange=C#/Db, Orange=D, Yellow-Orange=D#/Eb, Yellow=E, Yellow-Green=F, Green=F#/Gb, Blue-Green=G, Blue=G#/Ab, Blue-Violet=A, Violet=A#/Bb, Red-Violet=B

I then sequenced them into my computer using a midi controller.

Three sequences were made at 4/4 120bpm: 1 at eighth note, 1 at quarter note, 1 at whole note.

These were then assigned different instruments and constructed into songs.

The three tracks included are:

1. Pizzicato Viola playing two sequences at eighth notes and Pizzicato Cello playing one sequence at quarter notes. 6min

2. One complete sequence of whole notes played by basses with various instruments coming in playing complete sequences in either quarter or eighth notes. 24min

3. Three sets of mallets playing two complete sequences at eighth notes. 6min


Chance Color Wheel Transcoded Musically by synchronicityspace

Video of the Chance Mural color wheel in action after the jump


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