Sync Music Night – Garrincha, M. Geddes Gengras, Sneaky Snake and Sagan+Waxy Duo – April 7th

(Weird Forest)

” “I Don’t Believe You” kicks off the album with chiming bells and an upbeat church hymn slowed down and matched to a barrage of processed chanting voices. The song morphs into a hypnotic guitar loop layered with ringing synths, guitar washes and ghostly vocals, all building to a cacophonous climax replete with bleating saxes, a buzz metal riff and shredded guitar. “Tower of Babble” begins with sounds of rainfall and something sounding like slowed-down Gregorian chants as a chiming guitar melody softly repeats, eventually giving way to a buzzing organ drone, a tribal drum beat and belted German vocals before taking a final sinister turn with an insistent snare roll propelling the song towards its grand finale. The album concludes with the side-long, three-part “First Rites, Last Communion” suite. Heavily comprised of processed Asian church ceremony field recordings accompanied by occasional guitar and keyboard statements, the piece eventually erupts into a maelstrom of noise blasts, wild guitar and ringing bells before settling into a series of long, drawn out tones. ” – wf

(Green Machines/Peccant Tapes/Stunned)

“M. Geddes Gengras, hip cat and modular wizard from the City of Angels with a bunch of tapes out on various imprints like Stunned Records, Full Of Nothing and Sacred Phases is delivering two sidelong tracks like solar wind straight from the heart of the sun: bubbling and boiling hot psychedelica. Mindmelting! Can you stand the heat?” – sicsic

(Complicated Dance Steps)

“Sneaky Snake is an experimental sound project in synthesized tonal waves. Its explicit purpose is the creation of altered states and well-being within the viewer/listener. George Jensen and Ian James began Sneaky Snake by focusing strictly on long form ambience as a means to induce trance-like, semi-consciousness within the audience. Lost within the environment and their subjectivity, participants often experience worlds within themselves. Over time Sneaky Snake has invested itself in complicating the paradigm, introducing aspects of field recordings, sampling, and synthesized drum beats into its healing music.” – ss

(Weird Forest)

“When I first heard Sagan Genesis, I was struck by his melodic synth music — he actually played arpeggios instead of the arpeggiate button (musicianship, how quaint!). This tape rolls around a year+ later and maybe college life has beaten him down. The music’s darker and atmospheric. Even when melodies do creep in, they’re less sunny CA and more overcast Portland. Great moody stuff. Waxy Tomb is Julia Litmer-Cleper. Tape listeners will miss out on the spectacle of her live show, which incorporates some performance art, but in a recorded setting, her minimal, vaguely menacing neo-proto-industrial noise songs stand out all the more.” – wf

PLUS live visuals from MIKO REVEREZA

April 7 – 8p


Click past the break for videos


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