Telephone Blue – April 20


“It’s gonna be like music”. Synchronicity is pleased to announce LA INTERNET, on the website,  Ideas need space to reveal their mystery. Through space, a loose process that is somewhat familiar defines itself in the ongoing,an outsider comes in, and an insider interjects with the most unexpected and appreciated thread derailments. It’s improvisational creative communication, ever moving to a conclusion existing in a fold within a website. A DARK CORNER OF THE NET.


This exhibition will exist as an extension, literally and figuratively speaking. Physical work existing in a digital world that happens to be an extension of our physical world. For their exhibition, Telephone Blue, taking place at Synchronicity 713 Heliotrope on April 20 – May 19, Aaron Anderson, Eric Carlson and Crystal Quinn (founding members of the artist collective Hardland/Heartland) continue their formal practice of intuitive collaboration to produce narratives of playful allegories and coded symbols that materialize as drawing, video, and sculpture. We have asked these artists to contribute work to a space within the Synchronicity website. For the exhibited work within our website space, we are thrilled to have join them the amazingly prolific LA-based artist, Spencer Longo.

Please join us again and again and again and again at and we also request your presence at Synchronicity 713 Heliotrope, LA, CA 90029 on April 20th for the opening reception of Telephone Blue.

Follow and for evolving updates regarding this exhibition.

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