Off Thee Wall with Lyndsey Lesh and The Rattling Wall

lyndsey lesh

Synchronicity is thrilled to be working again with The Rattling Wall and the second issue’s featured artist, the wonderful Lyndsey Lesh!  Lyndsey started an exciting collaboration with Michelle Meyering, founder and editor of The Rattling Wall, that will be documented on Off Thee Wall.

Read more about the concept behind Off Thee Wall:

The idea for Off Thee Wall came about in late 2011 when Lyndsey was asked to create original artwork for The Rattling Wall, Issue 2, and she quickly realized that she wanted to contribute her own writing to the conversation. Lyndsey asked Michelle to choose one sentence from each short story, travel essay, and poem published in the issue, for a total of thirty-five sentences, and sent them to Lyndsey. Using each sentence as inspiration, Lyndsey is writing thirty-five flash fiction stories and pairing them each with an original illustration. Off Thee Wall is a collection of the original sentences and the stories and artwork that sprung from them.

Many of these drawings and stories will be displayed at the gallery opening of Lyndsey Lesh: The Art of The Rattling Wall at Synchronicity Space in Los Angeles on April 14, 2012.

See everyone on April 14th!!

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