The Outer Workings of Inter Space: New work by Brian Dinkins and Justin McInteer – Opening March 16

“In-between perceived space there are other worlds where the ordinary becomes the fantastic; where animals have superpowers and whole complex systems lie undetected.” –Justin McInteer from a lecture with Brian Dinkins in Prague, 2007

Veteran Inter-Spatial Cosmonuts Brian Dinkins and Justin McInteer have been exploring other worlds for nearly a quarter century.  They’ve produced numerous volumes of work on the subject and regularly tour the world providing lectures and live demonstrations.  But despite years of determination, high visibility and a prolific production rate, the academic world has almost completely ignored their work.  The few journals that have reviewed their Inter-Spatial work have done so mockingly saying the theories are, “more Barnum than Bohr”.  Additionally, both have been all but blacklisted from faculty positions in institutions of higher learning in America, Europe, India and Singapore.  Undaunted by academic scorn, Brian and Justin have forged ahead producing illuminating work after illuminating work without any sign of slowing.  In a recent interview they appear to share an almost manic excitement about their current investigations.  Brian can be seen pacing back and forth, arms pointing in varying directions while Justin speaks at such a rapid fire pace as to become nearly incomprehensible.  Clearly they are onto something amazing.

Synchronicity Space is proud to hand over the gallery to these mad explorers as they fill the space with their new creations.  Recently Justin has been drawing cruciform shaped maps in attempts to understand the inherent structure of connection between other worlds and our own.  Brian’s in depth study of the flora and fauna present within inter space have been sculpted into microenvironments with a focus on unperceived powers.  In lieu of a live demonstration, the duo will create a kinetic installation animating several of their theories into a complex system.

March 16th – April 10th, 2012

Opening Reception March 16th, 7 to 10pm

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