Jon Clark – Nightschool 2 – Installation and Movie Premiere

Nightschool 2
Jon Clark
January 21 – February 2

Synchronicity Space presents, Nightschool 2, a movie premiere, installation, and book release from artist, Jon Clark. The opening reception will be held Saturday, January 21st, from 7 to 10pm, with the screening starting promptly at 8pm and the exhibition will remain on view through February 2, 2012.

“A movie is a running out, a mechanized going-until-gone, and that great fleetingness strokes the desire to possess this thing, and that’s what video really accomplishes: it turns movies into things, into sentimental totems…VHS box art ‘became’ the iconic equivalent of the movie.” -Jacques Boyreau from Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box

For Nightschool 2 the gallery becomes The Night School Store in an installation featuring all new products including DVDs, VHS, Laserdiscs, Posters, and Trading Cards manufactured by Jon Clark in collaboration with Laura Brothers and Spencer Longo. These media products sever the very connections that make VHS cover art decipherable. What remains is a new sort of sublime media that feels haunted.

Nightschool 2 will also be a two part screening featuring the premiere of Jon Clark’s new film, Spectrum Hunter, as well as video work by artists and collaborators including Will Erokan, Spencer Longo, Jesse Hulcher, Seve of Body Pressure, and more TBA. Spectrum Hunter is a 30 minute film about memory, fantasy, magic, and materialist culture. Discover a supernatural video store, a collection of haunted media, a benevolent tribe of new wave witches, a goth teenager with real magic powers, and much more. Inhabiting deserted malls, the uncanny Spectrum Hunter cult erect strange sound stages that form a treacherous labyrinth. Surveillance cameras document their unusual habits and the subsequent videos are sold at clandestine locations. When TC’s older brother goes missing, TC and Rotten Robbie set out on an adventure to find him. The trail leads them deep into the core of the Spectrum Hunter cult where they encounter bizarre rituals, puzzles, illusions, and a pantheon of adversaries.

“The Night School Collection:” A full-color book of haunted Night School products will be for sale at the event. The event will also feature music provided by the Manicured Party Boys, Eric Nordauser and Eric Carson, and the first 25 people to arrive will receive free Night School trading cards!



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