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2NIICE – Jess Fillingham, Gabe Gonzales, James Chong – Opening August 24th


2NIICE is a collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings by James Chong, Jesse Fillingham, and Gabe Gonzales.

Gabe has been cooking up some extraterrestrial organs. Jesse has been looking for ways to escape the traps of gravity and time. James has been giving names to demons.

The three friends met during art school and upon graduating they founded and run the independent publishing house Never Press. The show will be up August 24th to September 6th.

For gallery hours and info, please visit

MUSIC AT SYNC – July 20 – Jonathan Silberman, jpjjk (oak/la), Telecaves, Walter Gross


Join us JULY 20th at Synchronicity!

Jonathan Silberman
jpjjk (oak/la) (john krausbauer/j.p. jenkins)
Walter Gross


DEATHBOMB VIDEO/MUSIC SHOWCASE: clipping., Yola Fatoush, IE, Tight Artists Net Gang – Friday, April 26




Performances by: clipping., Yola Fatoush (uk), I.E., & Back To The Future The Ride (mem Foot Village)

Video & static art by: Tight Artists Net Gang, Jamopi, & Isaac Hicks

plus music videos & album art from the Deathbomb Arc catalog.

All Ages, donation suggested for the musicians from the UK.


Exploring genres unknown since 1998, Deathbomb Arc has been the first to introduce many popular avant-gard acts to the world. Releasing some of the first work from Death Grips, Black Pus, Foot Village, Julia Holter, and most recently, clipping. This is not just a record label, but a portal of discovery. A hot air balloon ride to worlds of the unexpected. Then again, wait long enough to find out and usually what Deathbomb has to offer is just next year’s “normal”. Perhaps that is why the Deathbomb logo looks a bit like a crystal ball???

Rather than beats, clipping. use harsh noise and musique concrète to construct their tracks. This is not an exercise in anti-music. It just is rap. A return to a philosophy popularized by Bomb Squad’s production for Public Enemy: to make music that sounds as threatening as the the environments we live in. With tracks crafted by experienced minimalist noise artist William Hutson (Rale) and film soundtrack composer Jonathan Snipes (ex-Captain Ahab), they are not only capturing this level of threat and agitation, but also the cinematic barrenness of sprawling cement, fields of litter, and endless trees with every branch chopped off and painted black. Front man Daveed Diggs is not just quick with his words, but incredibly precise. He brings out the rhythm of the seemingly rhythmless. He punctuates melodies made out of negative space. Yes, they know about noise. But this is hip hop.

YOLA FATOUSH (from UK, debut LA appearance!)
London’s Yola Fatoush bring lush soul to their raw, DIY beats through their elegant and powerful voices. Catchy dreamlike harmonies truly take their glitchy electronics and make them soar. The results certainly are catchy pop music, but their methods of getting there are truly unique. Masterful song crafting allows them to inject some very “out” ideas into the mix while never feeling esoteric. Just beautiful in a truly alien way. Their take on contemporary urban styles is akin to Pet Shop Boys work in the 80s/90s.

Few acts garner such genuine love for their audience as IE. Her combination of complete uninhibited sincerity with complete silliness and fun makes IE the perfect party act. You can’t help put let your guard down. IE’s debut 12″ comes out later this year on Deathbomb Arc. With production by Jonathan Snipes of clipping., it will be the definitive IE release fans have been waiting years for.

Back To The Future The Ridel is not about finding balance. It is a position of being completely removed from the scale. While this term usually applies to an ethical stance, the idea of being an outsider looking in also applies to the majority of science fiction. What else is it to have human drama taking place on alien worlds under completely alien circumstances? A way to see our own lives without the bias of experiencing them. Here lies the inspiration behind the name of Brian Miller’s (member of Foot Village) latest solo project.

Founded by Mary Rachel Kostreva & Adam Harms, Tight Artists Net Gang
(or TANG) is an artist social network where users are able to compile
and share their multimedia work via HTML customizable galleries.
Alongside their web presence, TANG has had gallery shows
internationally and has hosted mixtapes. TANG is a gang for
EVERYONE… but beware: this is a chill zone that allows absolutely no
hatin ass perpetrators. Just remember ~ IF you bringin hate, u bringin
us fame.


Music at Sync – Corey Fogel, JPJJK, Jon Collin, Mitchell Brown – Wednesday, April 3



Wednesday night at Synchronicity Space!

Corey Fogel (la)

JPJJK (la/sf)
j.p. jenkins & john krausbauer

Jon Collin (uk)

Mitchell Brown (la)

BEN TEGEL: The Art of the Rattling Wall – February 23 – March 24, 2013

PEN Center USA and Narrow Books present:BEN TEGEL: The Art of The Rattling Wall

The Rattling Wall is a Los Angeles-based literary journal specializing in short fiction, travel essays, and poetry.

BEN TEGEL: The Art of The Rattling Wall is a month-long gallery show, featuring the artwork that appears in the journal’s third issue, as well Tegel’s new work.

Illustrator Ben Tegel was born and raised in St. Louis. He studied painting at Washington University and, following graduation, left for Los Angeles to start a rock ‘n’ roll band. Currently he illustrates for books and magazines (Flaunt, Beautiful/Decay), music venues (House of Blues, Viper Room), T-shirts (Vans, Hello Minor, B/D Apparel, Das Monk), and himself. He lives in the Brookside area of

Los Angeles with his wife and two small dogs. For the third issue of The Rattling Wall, Tegel created eighteen new illustrations using India ink and watercolor washes of Payne’s gray. The journal’s inside covers feature preliminary drawings and reference sketches. The outside cover artwork is an original watercolor piece.For more information, please visit

Where’s Anton Film Premiere – February 12

Le Dernier Cri – 20 Years of Sick-Screen Print – February 1

A collection of elaborate screen prints, various hand printed books and video collections of animation from over LDC’s 20 year reign as the greatest art publisher in the world.

Coming up from the gutters of Marseilles, France: LDC creates exotically dangerous and vibrant works of beauty and brutality, focusing on the world of art brut and underground visions by artists from around the world!

Perverted, profane, and powerful, they use shock and awe to great aesthetic lengths, creating one of a kind, handmade products that shimmer and shake with intensity.

Screen prints, books and animations by artists such as:
ichiba daisuke
Pakito Balino
Marie-Pierre Brunel
Mark Beyer
Stu Mead
Gary Panter
Keiiti Ota
Mat Brinkmann
Mike Diana
Emre Orhun
Antoine bernhart
Daniel Cantrell
James Kirkpatrick
Victor “Bald Eagles” Caryo
and more!!!!!

This show hopes to show just how powerful Le Dernier Cri’s work can be.

details of events during the course of the 3 week show are to come.


Floating World Animation Fest presents DMTV2 – February 15

DMTV2 is a collection of experimental and psychedelic animation from around the world. The emphasis is on non-commercial, personal work. We seek pure vision. Some of the films push visual noise and glitch to the limit while others reach a peak of ambient degaussed bliss.

Highlights include David O’Reilly’s latest award winning film, The External World, and new films from James Mercer, Jacob Ciocci, Yoshi Sodeoka and Mirai Mizue.

View the trailer here:


WHO: Films by Jacob Ciocci, James Connolly, Amy Lockhart, Duncan Malashock, James Mercer, Mirai Mizue, David O’Reilly, Yoshi Sodeoka, King Terry and Shinya Tsukamoto, and more!
WHAT: Free screening of Floating World’s annual animation fest
WHEN: Friday, Feb. 15th, 9pm
WHERE: Syncrhonicity Space, 713 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles, CA

Comedynoise 3 – Saturday September 15

Deathbomb Arc Pop-Up Store & Haunted Maze – August 25

Deathbomb Arc Pop-Up Store & Haunted Maze

presented by Synchronicity Space


starting at noon at the Echoplex

“As a part of the PressNPlay fest happening at the Echoplex during Echo Park Rising, Deathbomb Arc is working with local artist Albert Reyes to build a haunted maze & pop up store. Located in the well air-conditioned lower level of the Echo (aka the Echoplex) this maze will also be your first chance to see a trailer for the documentary Deathbomb Arc is making about Albert Reyes.

Albert Reyes is an artist living in El Sereno, CA. In his backyard he has made a giant haunted house/maze inspired by burned out buildings. Occasionally he will build smaller mazes in gallery settings, but it is his ever changing backyard maze that really impressed me, leading to the creation of a film about it. The maze Albert is making at the Echoplex will be constructed out of materials stripped from his backyard haunted house. It will also contain a pop up store inside where you can buy works by Albert and vinyl selections from the Deathbomb catalogue. We will also be looping the trailer to the documentary.

The event is free, well air-conditioned and begins at noon. We hope to see you there!!!” – Brian Miller / Deathbomb Arc

Facebook rsvp:



Weaving by Jordan Fu

3rd Annual Kate Bush Fest
August 10th, 2012

Please join us at Synchronicity Space on August 10th for to celebrate our favorite British pop polymath, Kate Bush. The night will consist of live Kate Bush covers by Christina Gubala, Bombay Taxi Music, Apryl Electra, Lee Noble, and more.  Also, a lecture from Mya Stark, rare video screenings, as well as Kate Bush on display in the gallery: featuring portraits from Jordan Fu and Ava Alamshah. We will also be hosting a Kate Bush portrait drawing jam from 5-7pm.  The festivities will start at 7:30pm.

This festival celebrating the artist, Kate Bush, came about four years ago at the original Synchronicity location, 4306 Melrose.  What initially started out as a screening of some rare videos turned into an art exhibition, night full of cover songs performed by LA musicians, and a love letter installation.  The festivities continued on the next year with a Kate Bush Dance party, performances, and a window mural on the facade of our building.  This August, Synchronicity will continue on with our mission to celebrate this amazing woman.

Each time we have hosted Kate Bush Fest we have been overcome with the enthusiastic responses we’ve gotten.  Most people don’t go around boasting of their love of Kate Bush, though we wish people did, so we could have more people involved!  So not everyone is a closet fan but unless Kate Bush is brought up no one is going to step forward and say how she is an amazing singer, dancer, songwriter, and all around lovely human being.  We take this opportunity to open our space to say just that.


FREAK OUT Video Screening July 27th!


video art, innovative cinema. fingers in a digital stream (and a film). the densely chaotic rhythms of internal spaces.

Shana Moulton
James T. Hong & Yin-Ju Chen
Bryan Boyce
Dale Hoyt
Monet Clark
Linda Scobie
Tucker Bennett, Taeer Maymon & Zach Shipko
Erik Wilson
Shalo P
Dean Snider

organized by
Shalo P & Keenan Marshall Keller
on the occasion of
presented by
Drippy Bone Books

JULY 27th 8:15PM screening
713 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles, CA 90029

FREAK SCENE Zine & Comix Swap Meet – JULY 21

Freak Scene Zine & Comix Swap Meet
Saturday July 21st
3pm till 8pm-ish

A collection of the finest Los Angeles “FREAK” zine creators and publishers gathered to display their creations of mad zine love.
Zines, comix, art prints, tees and music & more!!!

Sparkplug Comic Books
I Will Destroy You
Drippy Bone Books
Never Press
Zebratron Press
Jed McGowan
Eyeball Burp
+ MORE!!!!!!

DJ Ton Cunt + TBA?

Drippy Bone Books presents FREAK SCENE – July 6

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Beautiful/Decay Posts about Aaron Noble’s Mojado Mural and Exhibition

Our good friends at Beautiful/Decay posted about Aaron Noble’s upcoming mural unveiling and exhibition. Click the image for the whole article and more images!